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Project Description

The MenuExtender is an ASP.NET extender which will turn hierarchial HTML lists (rendered with UL and LI) into a multi-level dynamic cascading menu. This extender can extend plan HTML, a BulletList control, or the HierList control at The MenuExtender combined with the HierList can make menus out of site maps, external XML files, XML from POX servers, and XPathDocuments from data layers. MenuExtender is now available through NuGet




  • Horizontal & vertical menu rendering
  • Full keyboard support (tab, arrows, and excape keys)
  • Supported by all the latest major browsers
  • 508 compliant
  • Utilizes jQuery for smaller client-side footprint
  • CSS style sheet driven complete control over appearance
  • Menu closing delay to prevent accidental menu closing
  • The AjaxControlToolkit (no client scripts are used)
  • jQuery
A series of samples are provided to demonstrate the key features of the menu extender.

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